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HIV Prevention




As HIV in Cambodia has evolved from a generalized to a concentrated epidemic, thanks to successful prevention efforts over the last decade, PSK has strengthened its focus on sustainability and more refined targeting of most-at-risk populations. This approach includes increasing access of key populations. This approach includes increasing access of key populations to affordable, high-quality condoms at and near places where they work and meet their partners. PSK also uses targeted communication to increase informed demand for all condoms in the market, whether social marketing or commercial, particularly among entertainment workers and their male sweetheart partners, with whom condom use tends to be markedly lower. PSK engages with the commercial sector to increase its role in condom distribution and partners with the Royal Government of Cambodia in support of its Cambodia 3.0 goals for elimination of new HIV infections by 2020. Finally, by advocating for Royal Government of Cambodia stewardship of a national total market approach, PSK encourages more sustainable condom distribution though well managed free supply and decreased reliance on donor funding over the long-term.

Its main HIV program activities include:

  • Interpersonal Communication (IPC)
  • Condom Social Marketing
  • United Health Network (UHN)
  • Behavior Change Communications (BCC)
  • Marketing
  • Products Distribution
  • Research
  • Mass media


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